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Services and Specialties

Individual Therapy

There are many different things that may bring you to therapy. You may be feeling stuck on something you can’t quite figure out. You may be feeling depressed or anxious, weighed down by tension in your relationships, or looking to start something new but are not sure where to start. Throughout our lives, we each see the world through a lens that colors our perception; psychotherapy can help you examine these perceptions, offering you the opportunity for more clarity and movement as you develop a greater understanding of yourself. In a supportive and nurturing environment, I can help you recognize patterns that no longer serve you. This self-awareness, along with self-compassion, can help you start feeling connected again to yourself and to those closest to you.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy provides you with a unique space to work through any challenges you and your partner are facing. Sessions are often focused on improving communication so you can discuss the harder things more productively. Arguing is inevitable, but if you’re also feeling disconnected, it may be time to put in the work to find each other again through the chaos. When two people are committed to this type of exploration and growth, the effects of couples counseling can be profound and long lasting.  I was trained in the Gottman method and also integrate other modalities throughout our work together.

Sometimes the path forward is not clear; sessions can also help unpack any uncertainty you or your partner may be experiencing about your future together in a safe and supportive space.


Parenting isn’t just about taking care of your kid- it’s about you too. Being a parent often takes us back to our own childhood and may bring things up for us that make it more challenging to navigate the tougher periods with our own kids. As our kids grow and enter new developmental stages, families may need guidance to process and cope with these changes. I can show you how to navigate these transitions together.

I also love supporting new parents. I can help you find your way through the hazy, overwhelming, exhausting adjustments, and make sure you stay connected with your partner in the process. 

Family Therapy

Family therapy may include any members of a family unit looking to improve their relationship or work through something together. This may involve mending or processing a relationship where the focus is often on the past, or facing a current conflict; there is a great deal of overlap here, so this work can be very profound and effective. Each person may have a separate perspective and goal for the therapy, so it is important that everyone involved feels valued and heard.

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